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LusterStone embossed tags

LusterStone embossed tags

Pretty happy with the way these turned out! With an anticipated guest list of 100 to Corinne & Brett’s wedding shower, I wanted to try an inexpensive (but adorable) method to customize table number tags.

I purchased these Avery labels for about $12 per pack of 96, then printed them in navy blue ink.  photo 3-1

I then coated them with a water-based sealer called “Varnish Plus” in a Satin sheen, using a whiz roller. This seals the ink in, but more importantly seals the paper for the next step. photo 1-2

I recently designed a stencil for walls called “Roxy” that I love, and thought how perfect it might be as a tiny flower for furniture and projects like this!



I then mixed a combination of 3 LusterStone colors to get to the coral shade of the wedding. Using a little piece of plastic I scraped the LusterStone through the stencil and onto each name tag.

LusterStone embossed tags

LusterStone embossed tags

Wedding colors

Wedding colors



Decorating parties with photographs is one of my favorite things to do; it makes the event completely personalized, and I’ve discovered a way to do that with very little money.

First, I ordered 9 Black & White photo’s of the Bride & Groom in an 8″x10″size from Costco ($14 total).  unnamed

I then had a 2’x8′ board from Home Depot cut into 10″ pieces ($7 total). After lightly sanding each piece, I used SetCoat Black to cover the wood (all sides)

photo 1

The next day, I trimmed each photo to be sure it fit exactly on to the wood.

photo 1-1

Using a foam brush, I coated the back of the photograph, and one side of the wood with SetCoat Clear. This is a high quality acrylic paint that dries clear. It was superior bonding agents that will actually glue the photograph to the wood, but it will also serve as a durable, clear topcoat.

photo 2

After positioning the photo on the block, I used the same foam brush to completely coat (and press down) the top of the photograph. At this point it’s a good idea to paint the sides, too. I made sure I finished with vertical or horizontal strokes, then I used a chip brush to strie over the top both horizontally and vertically. (This leaves a “linen” look when dry, and makes them look like they are almost on canvas).After drying you can sand the edges for a more distressed look, otherwise you’re done!

SetCoat Clear takes the place of ModPodge and/or Liquitex Gel Medium, which is basically $1 per ounce.  SetCoat clear is half the price, and has multiple uses.

Photo Blocks

Photo Blocks